Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I have always seen myself as a glamorous girl

Preity Zinta’s Deepa Mehta directed Heaven On Earth is releasing coming Friday in it’s Hindi version titled Videsh. The film is a film about young girls who get married abroad not knowing what will follow in their lives.

Women abuse has become a part of many of these womens’ lives. Preity tells us that when she is old and retired she can look back and feel proud to say that she had been a part of a film like Videsh.

“I have put my heart and soul into it. If people don’t appreciate me I will not be dejected and see to it that I work harder and make people appreciate my work.” says the dimpled actress.

Preity tells us, “For the last ten years I have seen myself as a glamorous and modern girl. I have wanted to do something different and which will take me to a different level.

It’s a full bodied role. It’s like an onion peel which unearths new layers when you peel off the cover. It took me into altogether a different zone and power of the mind something that I had never imagined about.

As a race we Indians are fantastic but at times there are certain things we brush under the carpet. We as women who are individuals with our own rights should stand up and fight against it.”

But was it difficult for someone like her who has been a regular in commercial cinema? “Well you can’t forget that my first film was about a teenage girl who is an unwed mother.

If the job is put in front of me I have to shoulder it. It’s my responsibility and not a burden. During shooting we often take strong cinematic liberties and a little of surrealism. The film is a slice of someone else’s life.

Chand my character has to get out of her abused life and use her inspiration to go forge ahead. This film does not take too many liberties.” Preity replies.

You are working opposite a complete raw actor in the film, Vansh Bharadwaj. How difficult or easy was it? “See, I don’t take a film thinking where it is going to take me. No star would take up role thinking that it will take him places.

Being the kind of film it is I don’t think any star would take up Rocky’s role (that’s Vansh’s character in the film). Established stars would come with an image and would not be able to perform the role with the same passion. I am proud of the film.” she concludes.

Drew Barrymore blames late father for her failed relationships

Drew Barrymore holds her late father accountable for affecting her relationship with other men.

The stunning actress revealed she was abandoned by her alcoholic dad-actor John even before she entered the world and was barely there while she was growing up.

The Charlies Angels star, who was wed twice, for eight weeks to bar owner Jeremy Thomas and for five months to Tom Green, had mended her relationship with John before he was consumed by bone marrow cancer in 2004.

“He was so feeble, I could actually nail him down. He was such a flighty bird unattainable and off doing his own thing, ” Us magazine quoted her telling April’’s W.

“I”m sure it’’s affected my relationships with men. I”m sure I”m sadder about it than I admit, but I accept that a lot easier than my mother’’s and my relationship, which is more tumultuous,” she added.

Mischa Barton has no qualms about stripping onscreen

Mischa Barton has no qualms about dropping her clothes onscreen if the script requires it.

The 23-year-old actress, who has previously shed her layers in 2006's ''The Oh in Ohio'' and 2009s ''Closing the Ring'', revealed what mattered more was the way nudity was handled, reports ‘China Daily’.

She said: "Doing nudity doesn't bother me. It all comes down to whether I trust the director or not."

The former ‘O.C.’ star added that her parents, on the other hand, had their reserves about her profession.

She added: "My mom and dad are still a bit confused and cautious about what I do.

"My dad is a stockbroker who studied law and economics and his dad was a politician. But I know him and my mom are still very proud of me."

Britney Spears secretly dating her manager

Pop princess Britney Spears is making a great comeback not only with her career but life also, and reports now suggest that she has been secretly dating her manager Jason Trawick.

According to E! Online, Spears, 27, has been on a few dates with her long-time talent manager, Trawick, 37, reports the New York Daily News.

Trawick has been present at the Toxic singer’s first four shows of her Circus tour, and the two have reportedly been spending time together away from the work place as well.

Though both their representatives have declined to comment, Trawick's assistant at William Morris Agency has confirmed that he has been travelling with Spears on the tour.

But an insider on the Spears team insists that the singer has a “close professional relationship” with Trawick, and that it is “ridiculous” to suggest the pair is “romantic”.

Kerry Katona’s hubby stole 455k pounds from her

Kerry Katona's faith in husband Mark Croft was shaken after she found he has a 455,000-pound stash in one of his company's accounts, according to reports.

The former 'Atomic Kitten' singer - who was declared bankrupt last year after she failed to pay the final 82,000 pounds income tax bill - is set to divorce Croft after two-years of marriage.

And Kerry - who has hired a new accountant in a bid to find out how her fortune has been blown - threw Croft out when he showed her a bank statement of an account that contained nearly half a million pounds of her money.

“He stuck it under her nose and said, 'Here you go, we've got the money. So just stop bloody worrying about it,” the News of the World quoted a source, as saying.

“All of Kerry's earnings are paid to her company KK Media, and she had no idea how such a sum came to be in Modena's account. It shook her faith in Mark badly and she asked him to leave,” the source added.

Jennifer Aniston considered for next Bond girl role

Actress Jennifer Aniston may become the new Bond girl in the next spy adventure. The former Friends actress is reportedly under consideration for the next installment in the spy series after admitting it was a dream of hers.

The 40-year-old stunner, recently, admitted that she would love to be a part of the action-packed series.

"I'd love to do an action movie. James Bond. Glamour. Daniel Craig. Loads of fun,” The Daily Express quoted her, as saying. Now, sources have suggested that Bond bosses are seriously considering her.

A source at the franchise's production company EON said, "We're always looking for the next Bond girl. She has to be beautiful but she also needs to have brains.

"It helps if she's athletic and able to keep up with the intense stunt work a Bond movie demands. Jennifer has all these qualities. It's great to hear she'd love to do a movie because we have used established actresses before such as Teri Hatcher and Denise Richards. It's great she's a fan.

"After her comments it's likely she'll be called in to meet [producers] Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson when we start on the next one.

Jennifer already had her own informal 'screen-test' to see how she would work with Daniel when the pair hit it off at the Night Before Party during the Oscars' weekend.

Mallika gets desperate, apes Freida Pinto!

Mallika Sherawat last week was present at Hollywood hotspot 'Mr Chow' in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. The famous Chinese eatery is frequented by stars and paparazzi alike. For example, Hollywood celebrity Miley Cyrus was also there with boyfriend Justin Gaston on the same day when Mallika went there.

In fact, not surprisingly no one recognized our Miss. Sherawat. Perhaps with her ego hurt, she walked up to a photographer present there and asked him to guess her age! She then even asked him if he thought an Indian actress could make it big in Hollywood.

Now finally noticing how hot our desi lass looked, the photographer started clicking her as well.

Mallika, whose first Hollywood film, Hisss, is in post production, is keen to cross over from Bollywood, where producers take her seriously only when she is ready to shed her clothes before the camera.

Having observed how paparazzi attention has catapulted Freida Pinto to world fame, Sherawat looks ready to take a page out of Pinto's book. Sherawat's other Hollywood projects include The Aquarian Gospel and Unveiled. Her Bollywood film, Fauj Mein Mauj.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Post Slumdog... Freida Pinto is India's ultimate cover girl

Just months ago she was a virtual nobody, but with the eight Oscar sweep by her debut film "Slumdog Millionaire", Indian model-turned-actress Freida Pinto is now hot property for magazine covers.Being the obvious new darling of Hollywood, Freida has also become a much in-demand magazine cover girl back home for obvious reasons, reports dailymail.co.uk.The actress will dominate the newsstands across India in March, with men's magazine Maxim opting to put her face and knock-out body on its cover, as will women's magazines Cosmopolitan and Vogue.Basking in her new found success, the 24-year-old, who has described her meteoric rise to fame as a "dream", also appears on the cover of industry bible Entertainment Weekly alongside her co-star from the underdog drama Dev Patel.Posing for the covers didn't come hard for the actress as she started out her career posing in advertisements for products like Wrigley's Chewing Gum."I used to anchor a travel show in India, which is clearly not acting, and I had done a little bit of modelling. Both of those things helped me with the camera," she said.Freida, however, always had acting at the back of her mind as a career."I always wanted to act in films, but in India it's very difficult to become an actress if you haven't got a godfather - someone with influence, always a man, in the industry to help get you into auditions."But I didn't need a godfather for 'Slumdog...' I just went along, did the audition with Dev and then Danny picked me," she explained.Despite the success of her first film and her passion for acting, she is not sure of her career in the profession."I have no idea whether acting is a future for me, but I would like to do more film work. The reaction to 'Slumdog...' has been beyond my wildest expectations."In what will be only her second film, Freida is now lined up to star in Woody Allen's next alongside Hollywood stars Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts and Anthony Hopkins.Filming will start in London this summer.

Lindsay Lohan to convert to Judaism for girlfriend

Putting all break-up rumours to rest, Lindsay Lohan has decided to convert to Judaism in a bid to prove her devotion to Jewish girlfriend Samantha Ronson.The ‘Mean Girls’ star and her DJ girlfriend have been more in news because of public bust-ups than their lovey-dovey tales. But, on February 27, Lohan was spotted visiting a London synagogue with Ronson. According to the Mirror, when an onlooker asked the Hollywood starlet if she was converting, she replied: “I’m trying.”On March 1, the actress returned to the same synagogue in South Kensington as Samantha’s official date for the bar mitzvah of her half-brother Joshua Ronson. Later, Lindsay displayed her attachment with the family by joining in with the post-bar mitzvah lunch in London’s Mandarin Oriental hotel.The 22-year-old actress is also said to have updated her Facebook profile with the words “I’m converting”, in a bid to make her decision “official”. But before an official conversion can take place, Lindsay, who was brought up Catholic, has to first learn the lessons in the Jewish faith.

Mischa Barton doesn’t believe in one night stands

The former ‘O.C.’ actress - who is rumoured to be dating Kooks singer Luke Pritchard - claims she only has sex with men she is committed to.She said: “I only ever have sex when I am in a relationship. And I am currently single, so I haven’t been having that much sex recently.”Mischa also revealed she is attracted to men who are confident enough to flirt with her and can make her laugh. The 23-year-old beauty added to Britain’s FHM magazine: “I have noticed that some men are scared of me because I have been on television. I have quite a few die-hard fans.“I find men with confidence and a great sense of humour very attractive. Those are the two factors that matter the most.” Mischa admits she often struggles to make friends with other girls and prefers to spend time with men because they are less complicated.She said: “I hang out with a lot of guy friends. Men are more straightforward than women. There is no b***hiness. I tend to spend most of my time learning to play the guitar.”

Kate Winslet has perfected art of doing sex scenes

Hollywood actress Kate Winslet has revealed that with age she has mastered the art of doing sex scenes in her flicks.The Hamlet actress says that she does believe in the saying “practice makes perfect”.“Just doing it again makes it easier. When you’ve done it once you’re not really having sex with these people, you’ve got some little covering thing,” the Daily Star quoted her as saying.Kate also revealed that she has no apprehensions enacting sex scenes because she thinks it’s a part of her job, and with age she has become more comfortable with it.“Actually, I didn’t have that much in The Reader ­– but you do usually and it’s not pornography. It’s acting and it’s just a part of this job. As I get older I really don’t care what people think of me or how I look,” she said.

Jennifer Aniston has no grudges against Brangelina

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston says that she holds no grudges against her ex-husband Brad Pitt, and his current lover Angelina Jolie.During a recent interview with a magazine, the ‘Bruce Almighty’ actress said that there was neither any villain nor any angel behind her split from Pitt.“There are no sides to the story!” the Sun quoted her as telling Elle magazine.“There is no bad guy and there is no good guy. There are no villains and there is no heroine in this story. It’s just not the case,” she added.Jennifer also revealed that despite the break-up of her marriage, she still feels happy in life.“I’m at ease and not just with my age. Really, I’m at peace. I’ve never felt this good about myself before. I think that shines through,” Jennifer said.“I remind myself every day that I am lucky. Look what’s out there. Look what people are really living through. There’s no comparison,” Jennifer added.As far as her work is concerned she is more than content.“I get offered funny, quirky, pretty roles,” Jennifer said.“I’d love to do an action movie. James Bond! Glamour! Daniel Craig! S*** loads of fun!” Jennifer added.

Helena Christensen says she has never lived with a man

Supermodel Helena Christensen has left everyone surprised by saying that she has never lived with a man, despite the fact that she was married to actor Norman Reedus for five years, and has romanced Hollywood stars Josh Hartnett and Leonardo DiCaprio as well as late rocker Michael Hutchence.The former Miss Denmark said that it was only her nine-year-old son Mingus with whom she ever shared her home.Ive never lived with anyone except my son, the Daily Mail quotedher as telling InStyle magazine.While replying to a question, the supermodel revealed that she did not even share a home with Reedus, the father of her child whom she wed in 1993.No, because my life is travel, so it just happened that way, she said.She even admitted that, at present, she would struggle to cohabitate with anyone else.Its not like I set out to live like that, but now it would be a big thing to move in with somebody. Im used to my own place, my own things.But you know, if I met the right person, Im sure Id be like, Move in tomorrow, put your things everywhere. That would probably work for a while and then Id need a bit of balance! she added.Asked whether she would like to have more children, she replied: Oh yeah. Though its so amazing what I have. I look at my child and think, if me and his father could create this, what else could you create?Helena even said that she found herself to be in better shape at age 40 than she was at 25.

Nicole Kidman stunned by Keith`s nude Playgirl photo

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman was knocked down with a feather when she recently saw her husband Keith Urban's age-old nude 'Playgirl' photo shoot. Keith revealed that his wife was bowled over after she saw the venerable pictures, reports the China Daily."Nicole was impressed with the shots. It was spread over two pages and had staples in all the right places!" Keith told Britain's New! Magazine.Keith, who has a 7-month-old daughter, Sunday Rose with Nicole, revealed that he was not that comfortable posing naked being a father. "I am a dad and a totally different person now,” Keith said.However, he revealed that if he found the offer convincing he would go ahead, as Nicole was not against it. He even said that Nicole herself wanted to pose naked at the time she was expecting their daughter.

Pamela Anderson Pops Out on Paris Runway

Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson gave an eyeful to those attending the Vivienne Westwood show when her boob popped out of her dress.The actress strutted down the ramp while modelling for the designer’s 2009-2010 ‘ready-to-wear’ collection in Paris.The busty blonde showed off different looks including a tutu-inspired outfit and a peculiar blend of tight jacket, shorts, socks and killer heels.The former 'Baywatch’ star, who is the face of the Brit Vivienne’s current campaign, was hailed as the 'muse' behind the new clothes.“We have done the casting around Pamela,” the Sun quoted co-designer and husband Andrea Kronthaler as saying. “I think the feeling is of playgirls, but not in the bodies. It''s not like that necessarily. It's an attitude,” he added.

Jennifer Aniston helps Owen Wilson win back lost love

Actress Jennifer Aniston has apparently helped heartbroken Owen Wilson win back his lost love. The 40-year-old actress gave her ‘Marley and Me’ co-star a list of rules to follow in order to get back girlfriend Kate Hudson.It was Aniston who encouraged Wilson to make a heartfelt phone call to Hudson to tell her how he feels, reports the China Daily."Jennifer became Owen's confidante, coaching him in phone sessions on how to convince Kate he is a changed man,” a source told National Enquirer.“She told him to convince Kate he is a responsible guy and a great role model for her young son Ryder," the source added.Wilson had reportedly tried to commit suicide after Kate dumped him in 2007. However, the pair sparked rumours of reunion last month after the 29-year-old actress was seen visiting Owen's Malibu home.Hudson is also believed to have accompanied Wilson on a tour around Europe, where he has been promoting ''Marley and Me'' with Jennifer.

Drew Barrymore blames late father for her failed relationships

Drew Barrymore holds her late father accountable for affecting her relationship with other men.The stunning actress revealed she was abandoned by her alcoholic dad-actor John even before she entered the world and was barely there while she was growing up.The Charlies Angels star, who was wed twice, for eight weeks to bar owner Jeremy Thomas and for five months to Tom Green, had mended her relationship with John before he was consumed by bone marrow cancer in 2004.“He was so feeble, I could actually nail him down. He was such a flighty bird unattainable and off doing his own thing, ” Us magazine quoted her telling April’’s W.“I”m sure it’’s affected my relationships with men. I”m sure I”m sadder about it than I admit, but I accept that a lot easier than my mother’’s and my relationship, which is more tumultuous,” she added.

Premier of Julia Roberts’ new thriller held in London

LONDON: The world premier show of new thriller from Hollywood “Duplicity” was held here in which superstar Julia Roberts is appearing in the role of a former spy.Tony Gilmore is the director of this movie in which actor Clive Owen plays a spy alongside his "Closer" partner Julia Roberts, in a espionage caper about mixing love and work to explosive effect.The story of "Duplicity" revolves around two former spies who work for two rival companies and assume responsibility of a mission for stealing secret of the rival company to become market leader, However, one of them is a double agent and they did not know who is cheating whom.“Duplicity” is being released simultaneously at the American and British cinema houses from March 20.Julia Roberts will produce a comedy about a boy who follows messages to find his father, the Hollywood press reported Monday.Roberts will work on the project "Jesus Henry Christ" with Dennis Lee, who directed her in the upcoming movie "Fireflies in the Garden," the Hollywood Reporter said."Christ" is about a brilliant boy created in a petri-dish, raised by a left-wing feminist woman and who goes to a prestigious Catholic school.At age 10, the boy embarks on a mission, following Post-It notes that he finds around his hometown in the belief they could lead him to his biological father.Lee won an Academy Award for the 2003 short film based on his "Christ" premise, and will direct and write the new script. It will be produced by Roberts via her Red Om Films production company.The "Pretty Woman" star, 41, won an Oscar in 2000 for "Erin Brockovich".