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Sophie Chaudhary denies relationship with Peter Andre

Singer-actress Sophie Chaudhary struck an instant camaraderie with Australian singer Peter Andre at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards, but denies any romantic involvement with him. "Peter was sweet and a thorough gentleman. We spoke about music, London, Bollywood and his new album.
I am a singer and in future we may collaborate but I don't want people to put two and two together and come to wrong conclusions. However much contemporary I appear on screen but I am an Indian girl at heart. I will never date a married man, " Sophie said.While Sophie hosted the IIFA fashion extravaganza in Macau earlier this month, Andre had especially flown to the Chinese town to perform at the event.On the very first day of the IIFA weekend, Sophie initiated conversation with Andre and the two hit it off thereafter.

They even walked together on the green carpet of the IIFA awards ceremony. Sharing what her conversation with Andre was all about, Sophie said: "Peter was talking about his kids all the time. He said how much he loved them. he fondly recalled about Katie (Katie Price - Andre's estranged wife) too." Even Andre refuted any rumours of a relationship with Sophie, who has featured in films like "Pyaar Ke Side Effects" and "Aggar"."
I know looking at my pictures with Sophie Chaudhary at the red (green) carpet at the recent award function, people jumped to the conclusion that I was dating her. But it is not true. I was honoured to be in her company. But I hardly know her at all, " Andre was quoted as saying in a press release.

What's common between Lara Dutta, Jessica Simpson?

Bollywood beauty Lara Dutta is set to do what American actress-singer Jessica Simpson does - endorse the Indian adaptation of popular food chain Pizza Hut's campaign for its new dish called Cheesy Bites.

Lara will don a red dress teamed with red boots just as Simpson did in a series of hugely successful Cheesy Bites commercials in the US."The Cheesy Bites ad is totally fun just like the pizza where you can twist, pull and pop, cheese filled bites into your mouth.
I am aware of the success that the campaign got in the US and I hope it is even more successful here in India, " said Lara.Cheesy Bites is a unique pizza with 22 cheese-filled bites that form the pull-apart crust.In the US, these were made popular by Simpson, who played a sassy waitress in the TV commercial. The Indian advertisement will have Lara in the same avatar.

Cheesy Bites is already available in the Pizza Hut outlets, but the TV commercial will go on air later this week.

The sexy lady who makes Ranbir uncomfortable

Karan Johar's next Mumbai based flick, 'Wake Up Sid' though revolves around a good looking young guy Ranbir Kapoor who falls for an older and simple woman Konkona Sen Sharma, Kashmira Shah bags a meaty role. "I am playing a very sexy role in the film where a hero gets uncomfortable when I am around. I have played such characters before but this is very playful", she briefs about her character.

This film is directorial debut of Ayaan Mukherjee. "This is his first film as director but I would say he is thorough professional" she opines. Ayaan has worked as an assistant director in Swadesh and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.Film is due for release in October this year.

DNA confirms Shiney had sex with his maid

The DNA test reports of rape-accused Shiney Ahuja have confirmed that the Bollywood actor had physical relationships with his teenaged maid who had alleged that the film star had raped her, a police official said here Monday. "We have received the test reports and they confirm the allegations made by the victim in the police complaint against the accused, " Amitabh Gupta, Additional Police Commissioner of Mumbai (North Region) told this evening. However, Gupta declined to comment further in the matter.Independent sources said that the DNA samples of the accused matched the samples taken from the 18-year-old victim, who had also suffered scratch marks on her body.Investigators had also taken samples of other articles from Shiney's residence in the posh Versova area of Andheri west for evidence, including semen stains detected there.
The development comes a week after Shiney's blood sample reports had nailed his claim that he was drunk when he was accused of raping his domestic help. The blood sample report also clearly mentioned that he was not drunk and was in his full senses at the time of the incident that day.Shortly after his arrest, Shiney's wife Anupam had rushed to his defence and declared that he neither smoked nor consumed alcohol.

The two latest reports could seriously blunt the actor's self-defence.On June 14, Shiney's domestic help had lodged a police complaint alleging rape by the actor.After his arrest, he was shunted to police custody and is presently in judicial custody till July 2 (Thursday).If the charges against him are proved in court, Shiney faces a minimum seven-year jail sentence.A team of the National Commission of Women (NCW) rushed to Mumbai and met all the concerned parties, including the victim and her family members.Following the NCW visit, Chief Minister Ashok Chavan had announced that the Shiney rape case would be transferred to a fast track court soon.

Where did Michael Jackson hide his cash?

Grace Rwaramba, the woman closest to Jackson and his three children, was in London when news of the tragedy broke on Thursday. As she prepared to board a plane to fly home and comfort the orphaned kids Grace got the call from one of the Jackson family which shocked her to the core.She told interviewer Daphne Barak: "The relative said, 'Grace, you remember Michael used to hide cash at the house? I'm here. Where can it be?' "I told them to look in the garbage bags and under the carpets. But can you believe that? They just lost Michael a few hours ago and already one of them is calling me to know where the money is! "They also told me the children were crying and asking about me. They can't believe their father died." This is the first time Grace, 42, has broken her silence on her 17 years with Jackson - five as his secretary and 12 as nanny.In candid conversations she revealed sensational details of the pop king's secret life, how he:
* DOWNED so many drugs she had to pump his stomach on many occasions to prevent a fatal overdose.

* SPONGED off generous pals' handouts and loans.

* SPENT weeks living in the basement of a former employee's cramped home recently because he was BROKE.

* TERRIFIED his children who actually HATED the masks he forced them to wear in public. Choking back tears, Grace spelled out her fears over the orphaned kids - Prince, 12, Paris, 11 and seven-year-old Prince Michael II, known to the family as Blanket - and admitted: "I'm really distraught for them. Michael hadn't been eating and the kids have been so scared for him."Now the youngest has been saying,'Why Daddy? God should have taken me not him.' " Uganda-born Grace, 42, revealed she fled America to join TV interviewer Barak at her Swiss holiday home after she was abruptly sacked by ailing Jackson just two months ago. And on Thursday she screamed with shock as she learned of his death.Grace now finds herself at the centre of the billion-pound custody battle for the children - now being looked after by Jacko's mum Katherine, 79.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson's mother granted temporary custody of his children

Katherine Jackson, mother of the late Michael Jackson, filed a petition today in Los Angeles asking to be the legal guardian of his three children and was granted temporary custody. The news comes after Jackson family lawyer Londell McMillan made it clear to the Today show's Matt Lauer this morning that Katherine, who'd already been caring for the children, wanted them to remain with her and husband Joe. "The fortunate reality is that they have a long-term relationship with their loving grandmother, Ms. Katherine Jackson, who I think the world knows and appreciates as just an amazing woman. A very, very loving and strong woman," McMillan said. Asked if Debbie Rowe, mother of two of the children, had approached the family since Michael's June 25 death, McMillan said, "To my knowledge, she has not. And I have no knowledge to suggest that she would do anything to uproot the best interest of these children, which is to stay together in a family that they've known and that they love, and that they feel very, very comfortable in."

Deepika Padukone is the new much sought after Bollywood star

Powered by: Chakpak.com Deepika Padukone 

Deepika made her debut with Shah Rukh Khan’s super successful, Om Shanti Om in November 2007 and now in just one and a half year into the industry, she has managed to become the much sought after Bollywood star. The lanky beauty has been the brand ambassador for international brands such as Tissot, Maybelline, Pepsi, Levi’s, Wrigleys and Fiama Di Willis. She has been has been the cover girl for many fashion magazines Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, and Marie Claire and Maxim recently voted her The Hottest Girl on Earth.
Not only is she sought after in India the actress has been making news overseas too. Sources inform that director Rob Cohen, of The Fast and the Furious fame has been enamoured by Deepika Padukone’s beauty it is said is keen on casting her in his next project. Sources say that the director finds her very beautiful and believes that Deepika Padukone is the new face of Indian cinema and is a much sought after name overseas.
If all goes well, Deepika Padukone will be India’s newest and the quickest entrant in Hollywood. She is now looking forward to Illumnati Films’s Love Aaj Kal opposite Saif Ali Khan. Then she has Sajid Nadiadwala’s next opposite Akshay Kumar and Farah Khan’s next Happy New Year with Shah Rukh Khan.

Priyanka Chopra latest to catch the Twitter bug

Powered by: Chakpak.comPriyanka Chopra

After many national and international celebrities, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is the latest to have taken to social networking website Twitter in a big way.
"Priyanka has recently taken to Twitter and she is quite regular as she updates her account at least once a day, " a source close to the actress told.

The Twitter page of the actress, who created waves with her performance in "Fashion" and "Dostana", can be found on www.twitter.com/priyankachopra.
The latest updates by Priyanka also include her feelings on pop icon Michael Jackson's demise Thursday.
"I cannot believe it! MJ no more... He was the reason I started loving music. Thank you MJ the inspiration for all of us. The true king of pop, " wrote Priyanka, who is a good singer herself.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New York: Movie Review

Powered by: Chakpak.com New York

New York opens around 7 years after the 9/11 attacks with Omar (Neil Mukesh) being wrongly held captive by the FBI. Investigating officer Roshan (Irrfan Khan) offers to go easy on Omar if he agrees to spy on old-time friend Sameer (John Abraham) who the FBI suspects to be a terrorist. With a maneuvered reunion, Omar gets entry into Sameer’s house and tries hard to unveil his activist identity but fails every time, much to his relief.

In contrast, Sameer himself narrates his distressing past to Omar of how he was illegally detained and brutally tortured by the FBI for 9 months, immediately after 9/11 and victimized for being a Muslim suspect in New York.
New York opens on an intriguing note with Omar’s attempts to infiltrate into Sameer’s life. The ensuing chemistry between the characters keeps you riveted till the movie takes an interesting (though palpable) twist at the interval point. The terrorism theme comes into picture predominantly in the second half. The physical and mental abuse on innocent Muslims, imprisoned merely on suspicion and their consequent repercussions are effectively portrayed.

But beyond that Aditya Chopra’s story doesn’t work towards the rehabilitation of the disturbed mind that has taken to the wrong path. In a way, the film turns the villain into more of an antihero imparting him no character change. Above that the commonplace climax where the FBI headquarters is held as the terrorist target doesn’t go beyond Fanaa frontiers. The terrorist is terminated but the topic of terrorism it tackles keeps long lingering. The message doesn’t come across compellingly and perhaps that’s why the director preaches with an extended epilogue.

All the three lead protagonists of New York are Muslims affected by the 9/11 episode in varied ways and to different degrees. Sameer turns a scapegoat of the situation; Omar’s identity gets him in trouble, while Roshan’s character (a Muslim investigating on terrorism) offers that ray of hope prevailing amidst discriminating humankind. Unfortunately the scope it had to represent the contrast of the characters isn’t used as distinctly and effectively like in the Pakistani film Khuda Kay Liye with similar concerns.

The issue of global terrorism somewhere goes for a toss with the film turning into a human emotion drama. As the victim is released from prison and his atrocities are still fresh in your mind, the intensity of his trauma is diluted with a love song stuffed in. The couple further goes on to make love and start a family. More mush comes into picture as Omar confesses his campus feelings to the married Maya (Katrina Kaif) amidst the pre-climax mayhem. Thankfully the traditional Yash Raj triangle is averted. The side-track of a frustrated Muslim driver (Nawazuddin) committing suicide doesn’t contribute to the plot and could have been avoided.

John does well in his frail characterization which could have been much more convincing, intense and effective. Neil looks rehearsed in some scenes but doesn’t disappoint. Irrfan Khan never misses any punch in his lines and is as expressive as ever. Katrina Kaif doesn’t get the meatier portion and contributes to the sloppy effect.

As the last frame closes amidst the Yash Raj mascot of maple leaves, you just wish the film had a lot more grit, the characters had a lot more depth and the treatment had a lot more sensitivity. Alas New York fails to break new grounds on that note.


Powered by: Chakpak.comKhuda Ke Liye

Director: Shoaib Mansoor
Cast: Shan, Fawad Khan, Iman Ali, Rasheed Naz, Naseeruddin Shah
Language: Urdu, Hindi, English
Country: Pakistan

At the advent of the millennium Indian cinema witnessed a slew of fanatically jingoistic Pak-bashing films. Like any other passing phase, this too was substituted with pro-Pakistan films on the grounds of establishing good relations in changing times with our neighbouring country. From the victimized Muslims to terrorizing ones, we have seen enough of them on the Indian screen. But in most cases it was often served with the commercial consideration of manipulating an audience in the minority community. But when a Pakistani filmmaker comes up with a film, valiantly and unabashedly showing the black and white shades of the countrymen in a seemingly unbiased demeanour, the outcome appears more credible and relevant. Cinematically, we have often realized the potential of Pakistan in poetry but ridiculed it for prose. Khuda Kay Liye changes the latter notion with its poised and progressive point of view.

At the outset, Khuda Kay Liye starts as a story of two rock musician brothers Mansoor (Shan) and Sarmad (Fawad Khan) from Pakistan who are at the prime of their careers. The younger, Sarmad however comes in contact with a religious extremist group headed by Moulana Tahiri (Rasheed Naz) who brainwashes his mind into believing that pursuing music is against Islam. Slowly and subsequently he gives up music, starts keeping a beard and separates himself from his family to join the radical fundamentalists.

The story diversifies into a parallel track where Sarmad’s uncle (Humayun Kazmi) who is settled in London is worried of losing his only daughter Mary (Iman Ali) to a British guy who she is in love with. This despite the fact that the father himself is in a live-in relationship with a British woman! He justifies his double-standards offering the excuse that Islam allows a man to have relationship outside their religion but not a woman. So he gets his daughter to Pakistan to surreptitiously get her married with a prospective Pakistani groom. While we have seen such setting in several Hindi films ( DDLJ, Namastey London ), this one fortunately doesn’t lead to exploiting patriotic sentiments but on the contrary shows how the daughter is wronged in settling in country, absolutely alien to her.

The father initially asks Mansoor to get married to Mary but when he refuses, Sarmad is approached. Sarmad agrees and an incognizant Mary is forcibly married off to him at the outskirts of undeveloped Afghanistan. The father heartlessly leaves Mary behind in a region so rural that he finds difficult to use the toilets there. All this just so that his descendants are Pakistani!

On the other hand, the liberal Muslim, Mansoor’s story proceeds as he migrates to US to study music. But unfortunately after the 9/11 attack he is wrongly accused of being involved with terrorist organizations since he’s a Muslim.

Director Shoaib Mansoor remarkably reveals the plight of Muslim in three different continents and connects them in a fascinating way to comprehensively capture all interconnected issues. Not only does the film exhibit a drift between the Muslims and the Western World but also internally amongst the Muslim community amid the Liberals and the Extremists.
The climax set in a courtroom clears all ancient myths about Islam of men growing beard, women being behind veil and youngsters abhorring music and Western attire. Naseeruddin Shah impresses in a cameo playing a Muslim cleric who gives a disclosing discourse on how the fanatic fundamentalists manipulate Islam for their personal gains. All in the name of God! The director conceivably puts in a lot of his personal reformist thoughts in the film without getting preachy and retaining the entertainment value.

The production values aren’t slapdash as anticipated from usual Pakistani films. In fact it’s top-notch and at par with what the story seeks. The language wouldn’t be a problem with the Indian audience but the viewer needs to be a little more attentive in Naseer’s chaste Urdu revelation. Music undoubtedly is a highlight with the Sufi rock-number ‘ Bandya ’ and the undiluted devotional track ‘ Allah Ho ’ standing out.

Performances are equally accomplished. On an Indian analogy, Shan appears as a mix of Sanjay Dutt and Adnan Sami in his looks and comes up with a fabulous act. Fawad Khan as the indoctrinated extremist is engaging. Rasheed Naz is convincing as the venom-spewing and influential fundamentalist. Iman Ali gets an equally meaty role as much as her male counterparts and emerges victorious with her riveting performance.

Khuda Kay Liye vindicates the fallacy against the regressive approach of Islam and also clears the myth that Pakistani films are constrained to shoddy standards. In fact this one is much above excellence as compared to several Bollywood potboilers.

For God’s sake, you can’t afford to miss Khuda Kay Liye !

My Sister's Keeper (2009) Moview Review

Judging from the snuffling heard around me and the spontaneous production of my own cheap tears, My Sister's Keeper does exactly what it's supposed to do: The sinus-clearing movie makes us feel luxuriously sad that, despite the love of attractive families and the best medical care, some kids get cancer.

But because we live in a post-St. Elsewhere world of plot-enhancing ethical complications, this particular luxuriously sad story, based on a best-selling novel by skilled tear-wrencher Jodi Picoult, isn't content with the simple challenges of life-threatening illness. While the sick teen girl, Kate (Medium's Sofia Vassilieva), is a beaming beacon of bald-headed grace, the spotlight belongs to her younger sister, Anna (Abigail Breslin). Anna was genetically engineered and conceived by her parents (Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric) to supply spare parts to her ailing older sibling. And now Anna wants to sue for medical emancipation because, she says, she's tired of being a human pin cushion. Alec Baldwin adapts his sitcommy 30 Rock persona only slightly to play her showboating lawyer.
Picoult's fans are treated to a fair dose of the author's page-turning stuff, including a subplot about Kate's chaste cancer-ward romance. The extra cinematic shine, meanwhile, is the specialty of director Nick Cassavetes and screenwriter Jeremy Leven, who painted and plastered over literary mush in The Notebook. Their message in My Sister's Keeper? Cancer sucks, but there's always the balm of beach scenes and an emo soundtrack.

Cheri (2009) Movie Review Hollywood

The whole Paleolithic movie universe, in which a leading man like Harrison Ford trudges through action films into his 60s while actresses like Michelle Pfeiffer and Jessica Lange are ''washed up'' by the time they reach their mid-40s, might straighten itself out pronto if everyone were to go see Chéri. At 51, Pfeiffer has never — I mean it, never — looked more ravishing then she does as Léa, the fancy-free Paris courtesan of Colette's 1920 novel and its sequel. The actress is twinkly and creamy-skinned; she makes Léa a glowing, knowing, temperamentally ageless coquette. But the real freshness of her performance is that, in a movie that has Léa involve herself with a much younger man — the louche, gullible Chéri (Rupert Friend), who's the wealthy son of one of her courtesan colleagues (Kathy Bates) — Pfeiffer transcends any hint of cliché ''cougar'' voraciousness.

These two lovebirds are playfully mismatched, and that's just why they fall for each other. So when Chéri chooses, unwisely, to exit their romance for an arranged marriage, Léa plots to woo him back — by feigning merry indifference. And that, more or less, is the entire movie. Directed by Stephen Frears from a script by Christopher Hampton, Chéri is like Dangerous Liaisons (which Frears also directed) reduced to a tasty morsel, an anecdote of wily and deceptive love. It is, if anything, an overly slender movie, yet its images of Belle Epoque high life are delectably lush, and if there were more to the story, it might not have such a delicate charm. Pfeiffer makes Léa that rare thing, an angelic schemer, and Friend, who was one of the supporting weasels in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, proves a leading man of perverse fascination. As Chéri, he's like a decadent cross between Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, with a puckish dimple of a mouth and a pose of snobbery that never quite conceals the heartache beneath it.

Box Office: 'Transformers 2' earns $201 million its first five days

Michael Jackson's death may have overshadowed Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as the top entertainment story of the weekend, but it didn't hamper its box-office performance. After opening to an astounding $60.6 million on Wednesday, the PG-13 rated robot mash-up has grossed an estimated $201 million over its first five days, second only to The Dark Knight's 5-day opening of $203 million. Its Friday-Sunday total reached $112 million, the best three-day opening this summer. IMAX screens accounted for $14.4 million.

The only other new release of the weekend, the Cameron Diaz-weepie My Sister's Keeper, grossed $12 million for a fifth place in the box office derby. The rest of the top five was dominated by successful holdovers with The Proposal dropping only 45% its second weekend in theaters for a ten-day cume of $69.1 million and a weekend take of $18.5 million. The Hangover keeps on trucking, grossing an additional $17.2 million for a total cume of $183.2 million and third spot in the rankings. Pixar's Up has now outgrossed Cars, earning $13 million for a total take of $250 million.

In limited release, Summit Entertainment scored big with its Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker from director Kathryn Bigelow. Opening on only four screens in New York and Los Angeles, the festival fave grossed $144,000 for a per-theater average of $36,000. The film was sold out in its four theaters on opposite coasts. It will expand into more markets on July 10.

MICHAEL JACKSON (Some known unknown facts)

The King of Pop is no more with us. As he leaves for a moonwalk to the heavens up above, we present to you a few lesser known facts about the pop icon

1. Through his "Heal the World" Foundation, Jackson spearheaded airlifts of food and medical supplies to war-torn Sarajevo, instituted mentoring, immunization and drug-abuse education programs and paid for a Hungarian child's liver transplant

2. Michael Jackson’s estate contains a child's mini coaster, Zipper, Bumper cars, Merry go round, octopus, Giant slide and rocking dragon. There is also a full size basketball court, water wars section (for water gun fights), 2 Trains, (one steam train) and a zoo where he has various exotic animals including elephants, giraffes, alligators, a tiger and even an Anaconda.

3. Jackson shocked his fans when he dangled his third child, infant Prince Michael II, over a balcony on the fourth floor of a Berlin, Germany hotel for all hovering fans to see. He later stated that he made "a terrible mistake." In 2008 Michael was featured on a list of the world's worst hotel guests on a website due to the incident.

4. Jackson refers to his music videos as "short films"

5. Michael Jackson’s favourite ‘Beatles' song is "Come Together"

6. Tatum O’Neal was Jackson's first girlfriend and allegedly his first real love.

7. Michael once dated Brooke Shields.

8. Copied his moon walk after mime Marcel Marceau in "walk-against-the- wind" pantomime techniques.

9. Michael had a pet chimp named 'Bubbles', a rat that’s called Ben, a ram called Mr. Tibbs, a python called Crusher and Louie the llama.

10. President Ronald Reagan wanted to award a special White House medal to Jackson. However, future Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts advised against the proposal, saying the award was too much for a pop singer.

11. Received a Presidential Humanitarian Award from President Reagan at the White House in May 1984, in recognition of Jackson's contribution to the government's campaign against drunk driving

12. Was offered to write and perform the songs for Batman (1989), but had to turn it down due to his concert commitments

13. In January 2000 Jackson announced he was considering retiring from the music industry, citing his weariness at publicity as a reason.

14. Jackson hired film director Martin Scorsese to direct the video for the "Bad" album's title track. When the 18-minute music video debuted on television, it sparked a great deal of controversy as it was apparent that Jackson's appearance had changed dramatically

15. Recorded an anti-war song about the US invasion of Iraq, "We've Had Enough", which was included on his greatest hits package "Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection".

16. Promotional videos of some of his songs have cost more than some motion pictures.

17. Was reported to have attempted suicide in December 2005.

18. Some of his favorite pastimes were water balloon fights and climbing trees. He wrote several songs sitting in his favorite tree at Neverland, which he called Giving Tree, because it was so inspiring.

19. Won a poll of superstars to have his image on a stamp issued by the Virgin Islands in July 1985. He asked the Virgin Islands to donate all revenue generated by the sale of stamps priced between 60 cents and $1.50 to welfare and education.

20. Originally intended to begin his solo career when he turned eighteen in 1976, but financial problems forced him to remain with the Jackson Five, renaming themselves The Jacksons for legal reasons, until 1979.

21. In 1997 a survey declared Jackson the most famous person in the world, ahead of Pope John Paul II and then US President Bill Clinton.

22. Michael once said, “There is a lot of sadness in my past life. My father beat me. It was difficult to take being beaten and then going on stage. He was strict; very hard and stern.”

23. The pop king was once said, “I don't like pop music.”

24. Jackson once said, “I'll always be Peter Pan in my heart.”

25. Eminem in his song ‘Just Lose It’ had poked fun at Michael Jackson to which he reacted, “I think that it's demeaning and disrespectful but I also want to make it clear it's not just about me but a pattern of disrespect that he has shown to our community. He needs to stop it and he needs to stop it now." - MJ

26. Michael's hair caught on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial in 1984.

27. Michael Jackson is a pure vegetarian

28. Jackson's Billie Jean was the first video by a black artist to air on MTV.

29. Jackson's waxwork features in five Madame Tussauds museums across the world

30. Jackson's favourite superhero is Morph from the X-Men.

31. Jackson picked up his iconic moonwalk moves from street-dancers he spotted performing outside a hotel.

32. One of Jackson’s fans from France committed suicide in 1984. His mother had reportedly refused to allow him to undergo surgery to look like MJ.

33. The Scream music video Jackson made with sister Janet is the most expensive promo ever made, costing more than $7 million

34. Jackson is a King in West Africa - he was given a royal title by villagers in Gabon, Ivory Coast in 1992.

35. Before every concert, Jackson drinks Ricola candy dissolved in hot water. He claims it helps to keep his throat and his voice clear.

36. Jackson owns the patent for a stage shoe device that allows performers to lean forward and appear to defy gravity.

37. Jackson's performance during the 1993 SuperBowl half-time show drew the largest TV audience in American history.

38. Jackson provided a voiceover on The Simpsons - but it remained a secret for 12 years. He voiced a character in a mental institution in the Stark Raving Dad episode, which aired in 1991, but, because of a contractual problem, Jackson had to be credited as John Jay Smith.

39. The book ‘Michael Jackson Was My Lover’ features a picture that – purportedly – depicts Michael Jackson's penis

40. Michael Jackson often carries an umbrella.

41. Artists to have sung Michael's songs include Ian Brown (Billie Jean), Blackstreet (Billie Jean) and the Flying Pickets (Billie Jean), Ashanti (Rock With You), Alien Ant Farm (Smooth Criminal) and Boyzone (Ben).

42. Michael’s father Joseph once donned burglar attire and broke into Michael's bedroom while he was asleep, to teach him a Lesson - about not leaving the window open.

43. Michael cries sometimes. He was quoted as saying, “People think they know me, but they don't. Not really. Actually, I am one of the loneliest people on this earth. I cry sometimes, because it hurts. It does. To be honest, I guess you could say that it hurts to be me.”

44. Michael took to music to music to give the world escapism through the wonder of great music. He also wanted to reach the masses through his music.

45. It was James Brown who inspired Michael to take up dancing. Jackson once said, “When I saw him move I was mesmerized. I've never seen a performer perform like James Brown and right then and there I knew that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

46. Michael likes to be called The King of Pop.


Record for most Grammys won in one year, with eight in 1984.

First solo artist to generate four top ten hits on the Billboard charts on one album with "Off the Wall."

First artist to generate seven top ten hits (USA) on one album with "Thriller."

Only artist in history to generate five #1 hits (USA) from one album with "Bad."

His 1982 album "Thriller" is the biggest selling album of all time, with confirmed sales of over 47 million copies worldwide.

His 1991 album "Dangerous" is second to "Thriller" as the biggest selling album of all time, with over 20 million copies sold worldwide.

His 1987 album "BAD" is third to "Thriller" as the biggest selling album of all time, with 20 million copies sold worldwide.

He was voted the 35th Greatest Artist of all time in Rock 'n' Roll by Rolling Stone.

His album "History: Past, Present and Future - Book I" has sold 16 million copies worldwide making it the biggest selling multiple-disc album of all time.

Beyonce Knowles struggle with spiked stilettos

On her 110-city world tour Beyonce Knowles is putting her feet through hell since she refuses to take the stage without her spiked stilettos.
The R&B star admits she struggled in the painful designer high heels for the first few dates of her tour and now she only realizes what she’s doing to her feet and legs while she’s relaxing after a concert.

She tells Self magazine, “When I come home and take them (shoes) off, I’m like, ‘Oh my God! I wish I could just chop my feet off!’ But while I’m dancing, I’m thinking of the choreography.

“I don’t think about my feet until I’m trying to go to sleep and they’re throbbing.”

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson's music will immortalise him: Shilpa Shetty

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, a die-hard fan of King of Pop Michael Jackson, says she was taken aback at the news of the singer's demise but his music will immortalise him.

"I woke up to the most devastating news of Michael Jackson passing away. I just sank in my chair... words can't express my emotions because I am a huge huge fan of his.

"He was an icon who lead an extraordinary life. I admired him for constantly reinventing himself and for converting me into a pop lover after 'Thriller'. His music will immortalise him," the actress posted om her blog shilpashettylive.com.Jackson died Thursday due to a cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home.

Shilpa got to know the legend's brother Jermaine during her stint on Britain's reality show "Big Brother" and says that she was lucky to here a lot about Jackson from him.

"I was lucky to hear a lot about him from Jermaine who I got to know closely in the Big Brother house. It was sad how the press mercilessly shred him over issues that he got acquitted for at a later stage! He was a special soul - gods chosen one there can never be another MJ," she added.

Adnan Sami: I was working with Michael & Janet

First his father, and now fellow-musician Michael Jackson is gone in less than a week..This hasn't been a good time for Adnan Sami.

"I was working on an album with Janet and Michael Jackson. I'm producing and composing the album. But now I wonder what happens to it!" wonders Adnan.

Describing Michael whom Adnan met a number of times for the album as a childlike genius, Adnan says, "His life was troubled. But his music was his solace. Artistes who suffer always seek an escape route in their art. Ask me, I should know"

When Adnan first received a phone call from Michael and the Jackson brothers they discussed Adnan's music in detail. "The Jacksons knew every detail about my songs. They had studied my music in detail. I listened quietly to them talk about my music. These were the same guys whose music I grew up."

How did it happen? "Michael's brother Jermaine's wife Halima is from Afghanistan. For some time she lived in Chandigarh. She got acquainted with my music while in India and she took my music to LA and introduced her husband to it. And then Jermaine introduced Michael and Janet to my music."

Adnan had three meetings with the the Jacksons in Los Angeles. "It was progressing slowly. They like to work at their own pace. No hurry. The album is like Motown-music-meets-world-music-meets-Indian -music. I've brought the Sarangi and the Tabla-Dholak into their music."

It 's Adnan's first English-language album, and being produced by the Jacksons.

Adnan is also singing one song in the album.

Speaking of the Jacksons Adnan says, "They're very humble people. Always attentive to what I say, always open to innovations and suggestions. They recognized a component in my musical style, and that is this. I really like strong base lines in my songs. What they don't know is, that's something I learnt from the music of the Jacksons."

This is the first full-fledged collaboration between an Asian musician and a major American musical icon.

"I can't believe I'm actually working with the Jacksons. Without Michael it won't be the same. We've completed four songs…I'm really enjoying this. I realize I enjoy playback singing. But the independent albums are where I'm totally able to express myself."

Megan Fox is dumbest of all

Hollywood beauty Megan Fox has been called the 'Dumbest Celebrity Ever' by a British tabloid, just hours after being voted 'World's Sexiest Woman'.

The Transformers star drew flak for her call to legalise cannabis and her obsession with her looks. "The American has amazed fans with her ignorance as she travels the world promoting her movies with red-carpet comments and magazine interviews," wrote Daily Mail in a report counting down the 23-year-old's gaffes.

During a recent interview with American magazine Entertainment Weekly, Fox had questioned her own mental health saying, "I think that I'm so psychotic and so mentally ill that if I could tap into that I could do something really interesting."

The stunner had also recently criticised fellow actress Scarlett Johannson for her intellectual attempts."I don't want to have to be like a Scarlett Johansson, I don't want to have to go on talk shows and pull out every single SAT word I've ever learned to prove like, 'Take me seriously, I am intelligent, I can speak.'" Fox had said.

Swedish Women Won Rights to Bathe Topless

Women in Malmö have been given the right to bathe topless in the swimming pools of Sweden's third largest city. The city's sports and recreation committee voted on Wednesday against a motion entitled: "Women with two-piece swimsuits ought to wear a top piece".

The committee eventually settled on the wording that "everybody should wear bathing suits" at Malmö pools but there is no requirement for women to cover their breasts.
The city considered a vote to be necessary after several visits by the feminist Bara Bröst (Just Breasts/Bare Breasts) network to Malmö's pools met with widely varying reactions.

The breast issue has proved divisive, with political wranglings leading to the question being struck off the agenda at an earlier meeting in April.
These political cleavages remained on view right up until Wednesday's meetings with disagreements on both the left and right sides.
But eventually the committee overcame its misgivings and the final decision was unanimous.

“I’m satisfied with the decision,” Bengt Forsberg, chair of the sports and recreation committee on recreation, told The Local.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sexist dialogues axed from 'Kambakkht Ishq'

Powered by: Chakpak.com Kambakht Ishq 

Some of the smutty and sexist dialogues calling women as ‘sex objects’ have been axed from Kambakkht Ishq .

The movie, starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor , is a love-hate tale between a supermodel (Kareena) who hates men and a stuntman (Akshay) who thinks women are only good for having fun but not marrying. There are some sexist dialogues in which Akshay mocks the fair sex.

When the film came up for review at Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), objections were raised to these dialogues and the film’s producer Sajid Nadiadwala was told to accept an ‘A’ (Adults Only) certificate if he wanted to retain those dialogues. But since the producer wanted a ‘UA’ certificate for universal viewing, he agreed to re-dub some dialogues while completely delete the others from the film’s final print. Among the sexist dialogues that have been changed, there’s one in which Akshay said: “Women are good for only two things - making love and making love.’ Now the dialogue ends at ‘Women are good for only two things’. Another dialogue that’s been deleted is when Akshay jokes: “Marriage se pehle ladkiyan sex object hoti hain aur marriage ke baad they object to sex.”The film, also starring Amrita Arora , will now release with a UA certificate on July 3.

Christian Bale wants to visit India

English actor Christian Bale, who stars in the latest Hollywood release ‘Terminator Salvation’, says he would love to visit India.

“I seriously did not get a chance to witness Indian cinema but I have always been fascinated by the country and would love to visit India once in my lifetime,” Bale is quoted as saying in an interview to a news agency. Though he hasn’t seen any Indian film, Bale loved Danny Boyle’s multiple Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire .

"Danny has done a commendable job in Slumdog Millionaire and I will surely be a party to his projects if he comes up with interesting concept," said the 33-year-old actor.Bale will be seen in Indian theatres this Friday as John Connor in the fourth installment of the Terminator franchise, ‘Terminator Salvation’, which will be released in English and the dubbed Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions. Set in the post-apocalyptic 2018, the film has Bale playing a man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators to save the mankind from being annihilated by machines.

Salma Hayek denies Jon Peters affair

Actress Salma Hayek, in a statement exclusive to EW.com, is denouncing reports that she had an affair with Batman producer Jon Peters, who has recently been shopping around a book proposal about his career and personal life. "After several weeks of continued press coverage of Jon Peters’ upcoming book, I want to make something very clear," Hayek says. "I have never dated nor had a romantic relationship with Mr. Peters. My name has been continually linked to his romantic liaisons, and I want to put a stop to this lie."
Much of the coverage of Peters' proposal listed Hayek's name along with Barbra Streisand, Kim Basinger, Pamela Anderson, Nicolette Sheridan, Sharon Stone, and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Peters' past loves. Peters produced Hayek's 1999 action comedy Wild Wild West.

Box Office Preview: 'Transformers 2' will be huge this weekend...but just how big?

Michael Bay's over-the-top robot extravaganza sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, has already grossed $60.6 million on its opening day, so we know that the fanboys have turned out in force. In fact, the movie is destined to cross the $100 million mark before it even reaches the weekend. But how the film fares over the five-day, Wednesday-through-Sunday period is going to be determined by its core fans' repeat business, the impact of their word of mouth, and how broad the film plays (which, if you take my 3-year-old son's rabid interest in the giant robots, is incredibly wide). One thing is for sure: Fused metal will be the star of the multiplex this weekend, and it's bound to take theaters by storm. The following predictions are for the usual three-day frame, by the way.
1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen -- $72.5 millionTwo years ago, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix opened on a Wednesday, and by the end of the weekend it had grossed $139.7 million. Transformers 2 is guaranteed to blow by that record...and go way beyond. It's not likely to get to the $203 million that The Dark Knight scored in its first five days of release, but Michael Bay's movie is going to work damn hard trying. The movie is opening in more than 4,000 theaters, including 169 IMAX screens, and will prove a big win for distributor Paramount, which will now be able to claim two of the summer's biggest hits: Transformers 2 and Star Trek.

2. The Proposal -- $20 millionBy Friday, Sandra Bullock's romantic comedy will have grossed $50 million in one week. Not bad for an actress who had all but abandoned the genre! Word of mouth has been solid on the movie, and expectations are high that the film, featuring a star-making performance by Ryan Reynolds, will hold on well during its sophomore session.

3. The Hangover -- $16 millionWarner Bros.' R-rated Vegas comedy isn't going away anytime soon. And its unbelievable hold last weekend is really impressive. It is inevitable, however, that the movie, which has already grossed $163 million, will get hit this frame with Transformers 2 steamrolling into theaters.

4. Up -- $14 millionPixar's latest animated hit has already surpassed WALL-E's grosses, and its sights are now set on surpassing Cars' $244 million cume. Transformers 2 will take out some of Pixar's audience, but with Ice Age 3 coming into theaters next weekend, this is really its last chance to stay in the Top 5.

5. My Sister's Keeper -- $12 millionThis three-hanky Cameron Diaz weepfest has generated some solid reviews, especially for the lead actress herself. So it will be very interesting to see how the film fares as the main counter-programming option for the weekend. With all the light and fluffy fare dominating the box office, it's likely that My Sister's Keeper's serious themes of a family dealing with a sick child may be too tough for the public to embrace. Some predictors have it in the single digits. I'm hopeful that the combination of star power and fan interest in the Jodi Picoult bestseller on which the movie is based will propel it into double-digit territory.

Farrah Fawcett dies at 62

Actress Farrah Fawcett died on June 25 in Los Angeles at the age of 62. With her passing after a long battle with anal cancer, we lose one of the quintessential symbols of post-feminist Hollywood, a definitive pinup who somehow parlayed a delicate-flower demeanor and all-American beauty into a 30-year career.
“After a long and brave battle with cancer, our beloved Farrah has passed away," Fawcett's longtime companion Ryan O'Neal said via a statement. "Although this is an extremely difficult time for her family and friends, we take comfort in the beautiful times that we shared with Farrah over the years and the knowledge that her life brought joy to so many people around the world."
As it turned out, her bravest role of all was her final one: She shared every brutally unglamorous step of her cancer treatment with the world in the riveting NBC documentary Farrah's Story. Perhaps most touchingly, the film gave its 9 million viewers a glimpse of her extraordinary love affair with O’Neal, who has supported her throughout treatment -- and even told Barbara Walters on a recent 20/20 that he’d finally asked her to marry him after nearly 25 years together: “We will, just as soon as she can say yes.” Sadly, Fawcett died before before the two wed.
The former University of Texas sorority girl became an instant star when she sashayed onto Charlie’s Angels in 1976. (Her trademark poster -- shot pre-Angels -- hit stores that same year, cementing her role as a sex symbol.) Fawcett left the show after only one season, and, after a string of big-screen flops, finally earned critical praise in the mid '80s with the off-Broadway play Extremities and the NBC movie The Burning Bed. (Her role, as an abused wife, earned the actress her first Emmy nomination.)
In 1985, Fawcett -- divorced from Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors -- struck up her romance with O’Neal, and the two had a son, Redmond James O’Neal. Throughout the next decade, she attracted plenty of critical praise for her on camera work, including 1997’s The Apostle and 2000’s Dr. T and the Women. But she also engaged in her share of public foibles -- a naked-body-painting layout in a 1995 Playboy, a famously addled appearance on David Letterman’s Late Show in 1997. She even tried to tell her own story in 2005 with the short-lived TV Land reality series Chasing Farrah, to roundly dismissive reviews.
In 2006, Fawcett was diagnosed with anal cancer. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, the actress was cancer-free. Unfortunately, doctors found the disease had returned in 2007. Even as her treatment resumed -- and family's drug battles continued to make headlines -- Fawcett managed to maintain an upbeat outlook. As Alana Stewart, friend and co-producer of Farrah's Story, told EW.com in April, "She’s always been positive. Her spirits have always been good throughout this ordeal."

Bollywood mourns Michael Jackson's death

He is someone who called himself as 'Bad' and 'Dangerous', and still was loved by one and all, the world over. We are indeed talking about the one and only 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson, the very name who invented the cult 'Moon Walking' dance step. Well, the entire world came to a standstill yesterday when this musical legend breathed his last. He suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away, thus bringing the musical world to a grinding halt!We spoke to Bollywood's eminent music directors and choreographers for their reactions to MJ's death. This is what they had to say:

A.R. Rahman:
"I am shocked at the untimely passing away of Michael Jackson, one of the greatest musicians of our times. MJ, for most of our generation was an icon who made uncompromising music. He pushed the milestone of Pop music to unbelievable levels through the 80s and 90s.I am yet to find an artist with that energy, perfection and vision. I met him personally after the Oscars in Los Angeles and we vibed very well. He said that he loved India and the Indian people. He said he heard good things about me and he was praising the chord progression of Jai Ho's chorus.He was bursting with energy and told me that every dance move he did came from his soul and did a five second stunning example. It was like a lightning strike. He was concerned about developmental issues such as Global Warming and about wars and its damages to the human community. He asked me to compose a unity anthem on the likes of "We are the World" for him. I nodded in awe...!He introduced me to his three lovely bright kids. The kids told him "I love you Dad". And he replied, "I love you more" as a proud father. I wished him well for his concerts and he said "God Bless you". After hearing the shocking news, I wished it was another rumor which would fade away soon. It took me time to believe that he is no more.I remember, my late sound engineer H. Sridhar had brought me a video of the premiere of 'Remember the Time' when I was recording 'Kadal Rojave' for my first movie Roja. Seeing it inspired all of us that afternoon.Now, there is no Sridhar and no Jackson anymore. I hope all of us value people's existence more and respect them when they are alive. LIFE IS SHORT...! Artists and their art live for ever. Jai Ho, MJ! We love you for your music, regardless of all the controversies!

" Vishal Dadlani: "Goodbye, Michael Jackson. The one thing we never let you be was a human being. You went from a God to an alien to a demon. But if we remember you for anything but your music, the failing will be ours. Sorry for all the harassment, thank you for all the music.

"Sajid (of Sajid-Wajid duo): "It is a big loss for the music industry, and he was a legend of sorts, someone who never paid heed to the image or personality, that he carried and the way we remember Bob Marley, Michael Jackson also falls in the same league. Today is by far a very mournful day for the entire music industry.

"Wajid (of Sajid-Wajid duo): "It's indeed very sad news, I was driving when I got this message from someone, I was so shocked that I actually stopped driving and started to think about the man since then.It's actually a very big loss to everyone, because all of us have grown up listening to his songs; he was a real example of a perfect singer and performer... a complete artist.I was in fact looking out for his new album that he was composing, but now everything has come to a stand still and I am at a complete loss for words."Jatin Pandit: "A major section of the music industry has been wiped out; he was in a class of his own. I was really fortunate enough to witness his performance when he came down to Bombay. He was a rare combination of performance and talent.

Jatin Pandit: "A major section of the music industry has been wiped out; he was in a class of his own. I was really fortunate enough to witness his performance when he came down to Bombay. He was a rare combination of performance and talent."

Sukhwinder Singh: "I am totally shocked. Since the time I first heard this news, I felt a great sadness from somewhere deep within."

Saroj Khan: "It's a great loss to the world. He was not just a lovely dancer, but also a wonderful creator. I admired him very much. God bless his soul to rest in eternal peace."

Ganesh Hegde: "It's an extremely sad day for the whole industry. His death means a total end to the world of music and an era in itself. There's a lot of reason for the fact that I am here and am what I am today.
One of the main reasons is none other than the King of Pop Michael Jackson! He is the one who showed the way to many people like me that rags can surely be transformed into riches.I still remember the day when I had a chance to meet him just for a minute. And trust me, I must have told him 'Sir, I love you' at least 20 times in 10 seconds. He, very generously said that 'I like it'. That's the most important one minute of my life."

Jennifer Lopez wardrobe malfunctions

Jennifer Lopez' tits said hello to the paparazzi last night as she and husband Marc Anthony left Cecconi's restaurant in Los Angeles.

Although J-Lo's Boobs are not exactly Pamela Anderson's worth, they did get much bigger following her pregnancy last year. It took Jennifer Lopez just two months to get back in shape after giving birth to twins, something she achieved by training over six hours a day to participate in a triathlon.

But lucky for us, her tits never went back to their original size. Then last night she tried to squeeze them into a pre-pregnancy-size dress and voila: instant Jennifer Lopez nipple slip!

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

American superstar Michael Jackson has died following a cardiac arrest, reports in the United States suggest.
Michael Jackson's health has been the subject of much discussion in recent times. The singer announced a massive residency in the O2 Arena earlier this year, with many arguing that Jackson's body would not be able to take the strain.
Michael Jackson had not completed a tour in twelve years, and recent reports showed the singer expressing doubts over the residency to fans.
Meanwhile, British tabloids uncovered evidence that the singer was suffering from a form of skin cancer, with Jackson reportedly attending specialists for treatment.
new developments are still reaching ClashMusic, with no official announcement being made on the singer's health. According to reports on the ,BBC, Jackson was rushed to hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles.
Following treatment from paramedics the icon was declared dead at the UCLA hospital in Los Angeles. A spokeswoman for The Outside Organisation, who are organising the publicity for Jackson's UK concerts, said she had no comment at this time.
Speaking to BBC News Uri Gellar - a close friend of Michael Jackson's - hoped desperately for the news to be discredited. "I'm devastated - it's very, very sad."
"I'm still trying to hold on to the glimmer that it's not true. It's too surreal for me to absorb that Michael is no longer with us."
Scores of fans have already begun to gather outside the UCLA Hospital building in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


According to the latest news , Ali Haider has decided to Quit singing . Ali officially announced this decision just few hours back in a popular TV Program “Aalim Online” . The reason he gave for this decision was unsatisfaction, he said music was not satisfying him any more. He didnt mention that what actually he is going to do now.
Ali said in the program , “I dont know whether i will be doing social or religious service, and that those who are doing social services are very great people and i am nothing in front of them. Pray for me so that ALLAH shows me the right path.”

Well, after Junaid Jamshed he’s the second musician who quit singing in Pakistan. Alot of liberal people will now start criticising him but i believe everyone has its own life & we are no-one to stop anyone. I also believe every Muslim has to die & is accountable for his deeds so we shouldn’t make ourself world-centered, but a balance should be there.
We congratulate Ali Haider for his brave decision & hope that ALLAH will bless him with more success in the future.

Akshay is a good kisser: Denise Richards

Hollywood star and former Bond girl Denise Richards is quite bowled over by Akshay Kumar ’s kissing abilities.

The Bollywood Khiladi left quite an impression (pun unintended) on the ‘Wild Things’ star while working with her in producer Sajid Nadiadwala’s film Kambakkht Ishq in the US. “Akshay was so down to earth and very genuine. He made me feel very comfortable, plus he's a good kisser! I can see why he's India's sexiest actor,” Richards is quoted as saying by contactmusic.com. In the flick, Denise makes a cameo in a marriage sequence with Akshay where she’s dressed in a lavish bridal gown. She also has a couple of other scenes with the Bollywood actor.
Recalling the “great experience” of working in her first Hindi film, Denise said she would love to do another Bollywood movie.“I couldn't believe how kind everyone was and they were so passionate about the film…All the actors were very sweet and gorgeous! They helped translate when I needed to understand something. I had a great experience and hope to do another Bollywood movie,” she said.Starring Kareena Kapoor in the lead role opposite Akshay, ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ is set for July 3 release. The movie also has cameos by Sylvester Stallone and Brandon Routh.

Ash-Priyanka IIFA award controversy

Director Ashutosh Gowarikar is getting a lot of backlash for saying that Aishwarya Rai deserved to win the Best Actress trophy more that Priyanka Chopra at IIFA. But it was Jaya Bachchan , Ash’s mother-in-law, who prompted Gowarikar to root for Ash on stage at IIFA.

It was shocking to see Gowarikar step on stage at IIFA to receive an award but humiliate Priyanka Chopra by publicly questioning how she managed to win the Best Actress award (for Fashion ) when Ash was also nominated in the same category for her performance in Jodhaa Akbar .
Now, Jaya Bachchan has revealed that she suggested Gowarikar to bring up the issue on stage.
“The fact is, I suggested he bring up the question on stage at IIFA. We were discussing why Aishwarya has not been given any award for ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ and I suggested Ashutosh bring up the matter,” Mrs. Bachchan is quoted as saying in a media report.Interestingly, while Jaya Bachchan insists that Ash deserved the award, she hasn’t even seen Priyanka’s performance in ‘Fashion’. So the obvious question is, how can anyone claim who (Ash or Priyanka) deserved the award better without seeing both the performances? It appears that Ash’s saasu ma is being unfair to Priyanka.

Hollywood bigwigs descending on India

According to reports, Oscar winner Ben Kingsley is a math professor in “Teen Patti” (Three Cards), a Bollywood thriller set in India and England against a backdrop of high-stakes gambling, with superstar Amitabh Bachchan, premiering in August. Another Oscar winner Kate Winslet is reportedly being sought to play Dr. Sophie with Bollywood actor Aamir Khan in an India-partition themed drama. In Bollywood romantic comedy “Kambakht Ishq” (Unfortunate Love) releasing on May 28, nine Hollywood actors, including Oscar nominated Sylvester Stallone, are reportedly participating.
India appears to be becoming the in-thing among Hollywood and other film circles of the world. Acclaimed Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed, welcoming this India-trend of world film industry, says that instead of just focusing on poverty and crime, filmmakers should also explore many finer and deeper things India offers. Planet’s most multidimensional country, fast growing economy, emerging world power, largest democracy, etc.; India has snowcapped mountains, palm-fringed and sun-washed beaches, glorious temples, colorful festivals, rich philosophy and spirituality, abundant historical sites, wildlife safaris, recharging treks, historic trade routes, cultural wealth, etc. Four major world religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism—originated there; while Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and Islam have long established history and traditions, Zed, who is chairperson of Indo-American Leadership Confederation, adds.

Jennifer Chambers Lynch (Surveillance) is directing “Hissss” with Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat about the legend of vengeance of a ‘snake woman’. “Bride Wars” (Gary Winick) is reportedly being considered for Hindi remake centering on a big Punjabi wedding. Bárbara Mori, MTV award winner Mexican actress/model, is starring with Hrithik Roshan in a Bollywood production “Kites”.

Reliance Big Pictures of India has reportedly entered into deals with Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks, Nicolas Cage’s Saturn Films, Jim Carrey’s JC 23 Entertainment, George Clooney’s Smokehouse Productions, Chris Columbus’s 1492 Pictures, Julia Roberts’ Red Om Films, Tom Hanks’ Playtone Productions, Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment and Brett Ratner’s Rat Entertainment.

Various other India focused international film projects reportedly in the pipeline include British projects ambitious “Indian Summer” of Working Title, producer Leslee Udwin’s “West is West”, producer Graham Broadbent’s “These Foolish Things”, a detective series and a film about a crazed elephant by David Thompson of Origin Pictures, Gurinder Chadha’s two new projects, etc.; and Australian ventures “The Waiting City” by Claire McCarthy, “Bollywood Down Under”, “Family Unit”, documentary “Bollywood Bazaar”, producer Bill Bennett’s thriller, John Winter’s two India-centric films, projects by Anupam Sharma and Jim McElroy and David Wood, etc. Hollywood recently co-produced Bollywood films like “Chandni Chowk To China” and “Saawariya”. Los Angeles based PCB Productions reportedly is looking at mobile gaming to supplement major Bollywood releases for Western audience.
Reasons cited for this sudden passion for India are: Slumdog effect, globalization, Bollywood’s growing technical sophistication and resources, cost-effectiveness, exoticism, irresistible locations, exploding global market for India-centric films, etc.
India appears to be becoming the in-thing among Hollywood and other film circles of the world.

India appears to be becoming the in-thing among Hollywood and other film circles of the world.
On the reverse direction of Bollywood coming to Hollywood, Bollywood’s Aishwarya Rai is reportedly starring in the epic romance “Singularity” (Ronald Joffe). In the Hollywood adaptation of the French movie “Chaos” (Coline Serreau), Aishwarya reportedly will be acting with Oscar winner Meryl Streep. Anupam Kher has reportedly got a casting offer from Woody Allen for his next venture. Road Movie (Dev Benegal director), described as India’s “Cinema Paradiso”, has reportedly been picked up by Fortissimo Films for international exhibition. Reliance Big Pictures is reportedly planning “Voodoo Child” by Jonathan Lemkin and “The Things They Left Behind” based on a Stephen King story about 9/11 survivors. Serendipity of India is reportedly developing two international co-productions, one in USA and the other in the United Kingdom. Reliance Big Pictures of India plans to acquire multiple screens in the U.S. and Malaysia and try and exhibit Indian movies.

Katie Price attacked by drunken clubbers

Former glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan came under the attack of a six-strong group of young men while she was partying at a club in Ibiza.The drunken clubbers taunted Jordan, 31, a mother of three, after they forced their way into the VIP area at the club, and shouted at her “We love Pete!”. They chanted insults and threatened the star before being manhandled away by a team of bouncers."Jordan looked stunned and frightened. These blokes were shouting some unrepeatable things and trying to get at her,” the Daily Star quoted a witness as saying.Jordan’s party blitz on Ibiza has left other Brits on the Spanish island directing abuse at her, with one hen-night group wearing “Team Pete” tops to get their message across.She incited further fury after she was seen clubbing for the third night on June 21, wearing her most outrageous outfit yet, with her new man Anthony Lowther, 28, dressed as Tarzan to show off his bulging muscles.The pair ended up being the subject of ridicule when they entered the Boho club. One girl started singing: “Who let the dogs out?” and another shouted within earshot of Jordan: “Ain’t you a bit old to be in that swimsuit, love?”

Jolie upset with Megan Fox over 'Tomb Raider' role

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is at war with Megan Fox after she has learnt that the upcoming star might play the lead role in the next "Tomb Raider" film.Thesun.co.uk reports that the next movie will be a prequel to earlier film and focus on the character Lara Croft's younger years."Angie was intent on reprising her role. She feels it's something she helped define and feels robbed that it looks likely to be handed to someone who she considers less capable than her," said a source.The first two films were very successful earning more than 262 million pounds.The new movie's executive producer Dan Lin said: "It is an origin story so it is a younger Lara Croft. It will have character-driven action."Jolie doesn't think the age difference is a good enough reason and doesn't think much of Fox's acting either."Angie (Angelina Jolie) isn't a fan of the 'Transformers' films and believes Megan won't do the Lara Croft character justice. She's also annoyed because she thinks Megan copies everything from her, from her tattoos to her style," said a source close to the actress.It is also rumoured that Jolie is working on a another project that will compete with Fox's effort."Angelina is collaborating on a concept with a new sexy female action character which will absolutely blow Megan out of the water," said an insider.

Lady Gaga's Tits are On Fire

During her latest performance at the Much Music Awards show in Canada, which took place last night, the popular singer literally set her boobs on fire. Lady Gaga had the pyrotechnics hidden in her bustier and left her audience in awe when she got the sparks flying. The whole tits-on-fire show lasted for two whole songs while she performed Love Game and Poker Face.

By the way, Lady Gaga won Best International Hit for Poker Face. I couldn't tell you if the hot tits act had anything to do with the award.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Zor Lagaa Ke... Haiya!: Movie Review Bollywood

Powered by: Chakpak.com Zor lagaa ke haiya 

Much against its diminutive stature and deceptive title, Zor Lagaa Ke... Haiya is a big-hearted children’s film that could educate adults on ecosystems.
The movie focuses on a group of society kids who are happy and contended in their own lives. Karan (Meghan) is the group leader, Ritesh (Ritvik Tyagi) – the whiz kid, Laddu (Hardik Thakkar) – the fatso and Priya (Ayesha Kaduskar) the only female in the gang. The only person they fear is the bizarre bearded beggar (Mithun Chakravarthy) on the roadside who they call Raavan.
To keep an eye on him they plan to build a tree-house for which the street-kid Ram (Ashwin Chitale) comes handy. With Ram’s raw architectural expertise from the neighbourhood under-construction site, the kids erect their small abode atop the tree. But soon Raavan encroaches their tree-house. After some small squabbles, the kids and Raavan befriend each other with the tree-house serving as a common platform, bringing them close.
Shortly they learn that the builder of the neighbourhood building, Bakshi (Gulshan Grover) and his associate Gupta (Mahesh Manjrekar) plan to cut the tree, legally or illegally, to build an access road to their new tower. The kids and Raavan wage a war against Bakshi making him unsuccessful in his attempts to ravage the tree.
Zor Lagaa Ke... Haiya works as a simple social film with a clear message of ‘save trees’ conveyed through kids, perhaps because we turn a deaf-ear to elders. The film very clearly sketches its protagonist, antagonist and the passive agonist. The innocent kids who shape the future of the country form the protagonist, the hypocrite builder who promises natural habitat while not thinking twice before cutting trees is the antagonist while the silent spectator who is aware of the importance of green in global warming era but chooses to remain mute forms the passive agonist. The latter species is most injurious to the society.
Director Girish Joshi tries to keep the mood of the film light with smart spoofs on Mahabharat, superheroes and Sarkar. The mature mind can overlook some silly toilet humour and childish pranks. Despite its social theme, the film doesn’t appear like a public service message, since the community cause is laced within a story. On the contrary, this film had more scope to be preachy on associated issues like global warming, deforestation, slum rehabilitation, child labour and corruption leading to widespread tree-cutting. While the film focuses only on its solo ‘save-trees’ concern, that also makes the plot one-dimensional.
On the downside, the beggar’s background account on his estrangement from the family isn’t fairly fleshed out. Riya Sen’s minuscule side track is irritating and the film could have easily done without a female lead. Also the children’s attempt to save the tree is more emotionally driven and lacks a practical outlook.
Mithun Chakravarthy and Gulshan Grover come up with decent performances. Mahesh Manjrekar makes a caricature of himself at times. The kid-gang is neither loud nor sugary-sweet. Ashwin Chitale (of Shwas fame) gives a touching performance. Ayesha Kaduskar is cute and charming. Meghan goes a little pretentious while Ritvik Tyagi and Hardik Thakkar are more natural. Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone, though short-lived, gives life to the tree and adds depth to its concern.
Zor Lagaa Ke... Haiya does get shallow on its social scope and, to an extent, also has the trappings of a Pogo channel TV show. But otherwise the film is a decent attempt with dignified intentions. The film fruitfully adds life to a wooden concern.

Eva Mendes Topless

This is not the first time that a naked Eva Mendes has posed to promote Calvin Klein's fragrances. But it's indeed the most revealing.

Despite last year's CK perfume's campaign not being aired by American TV networks for being too risqué, the firm has launched a new marketing crusade this year where Eva Mendes shows her assets in an effort to convince us all that if a girl smells like CK, she's as sexy as Eva herself...

Hard to believe since this Cuban-American actress is one of the hottest babes in Hollywood nowadays. But hell, if it sells perfumes and it shows Eva Mendes' tits, why not believe what the Calvin Klein campaign tells us?

Megan Fox Cameltoe

Casually dressed in sweat pants, tennis shoes and a gray t-shirt Megan Fox walks on the tarmac after arriving in the States following her visit to Germany.

You may think there's nothing sexy about watching Megan Fox in work out clothes, mostly after she just reached her maximum hotness in that red dress she wore the other day. Until you lower your eyes just a tad and spot that Megan Fox cameltoe.

That thing is so big, it's hard to miss... did it really take you a couple of seconds to notice it? Gotta work on those reflexes, mate!

Katie Price Bikini Pictures

A barely dressed Katie Price seems to have given up all hopes of reconciling with her husband Peter Andre and is now back to her wild alter ego.

The famous British model was spotted all over Ibiza yesterday accompanied by a muscle man who was holding her very tight (to make sure she didn't trip and fall?). Today she posed for photographers at the beach dressed in a sexy bikini, giving onlookers plenty of cleavage to see. Mr. Muscles was nowhere to be seen, probably being too exhausted to hit the beach.

He certainly missed out on the hottest Katie Price Bikini pictures, although I'm sure he won't mind.. as he probably had Katie Price naked in his bed last night...

Dedicate a song to me, Mallika Sherawat tells Yanni

The Hollywood Music industry is buzzing with the news that legendary Multiple Oscar and Grammy music producer Ric Wake and World Famous New Age Composer Yanni have asked Bollywood sensation Mallika Sherawat to participate in an upcoming special concert, which will be heralded as a triumphant return to India.
Yanni was, and still is, hailed as the only artist to ever stage a concert performance within the marble walls of India's most famous and fabled landmark, the Taj Mahal.While having dinner at the famed LA eatery the Ivy with producers of her first American-Indo film "Hisss", Mallika met Ric Wake, record producer of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Diana Ross, and Yanni, who talked about working together on various projects with the dynamic duo who are currently on a world tour and are slated to perform at LA's Nokia Theatre on June 23rd with their current musical tour de force, "Yanni's Voices." Hollywood.
TV reports that Mallika may be attending Yanni's concert in LA and is talking with Ric Wake and Yanni for their up and coming trip to India. According to close sources Mallika might be doing a snake goddess dance from "Hisss".Hollywood.TV spies say that Yanni invited Mallika to his concert Tuesday in LA, to which she replied "Only if you dedicate a song to me." Yanni has never dedicated a song on stage to anyone before. Will he? Will she be there to hear it?

Miley Cyrus trapped in another photo scandal

Miley Cyrus seems to have landed in another photo scandal after new pictures allegedly showing the teenage singer involved in sexual activity found their way on to the Internet.The 16-year-old had previously sparked outraged after posing semi-topless for the cover of Vanity Fair last year.The Hannah Montana star later landed in another scandal when her cell phone was hacked and pictures showing the actress posing provocatively in bikinis and a wet bathing suit were leaked.However, her representative has insisted that the leaked images making rounds online are not authentic."The alleged photo of Miley Cyrus circulating the internet is completely fabricated," the New York Daily News quoted her rep as saying.Various websites were also said to have demystified the authenticity of the photos by showing how an original image could have been edited.

Sandra Bullock grateful her ''jiggling'' butt was cut from The Proposal

Sandra Bullock is glad that her 'jiggling' butt has been edited out from a nude scene in new movie, The Proposal.The actress was bothered about unflattering areas of her body being revealed in a scene where her co-star Ryan Reynolds smacks her bare back."I was really worried about my butt jiggling when contact was made. Luckily, the director was a fellow female and knew just how to cut the scene before the ripple effect happened. I am very grateful, Contactmusic quoted her as saying.The beauty has never been apprehensive of a bold scene- while filming the first nude scene in her career a strategically placed cover-up had fallen away, but that did not embarrass her.Recollecting the incident, she said: "Shooting it was odd. There are things stuck to areas that generally you don't have things stuck to. I mean, you have things covering your body, but not stuck to it. And then they got unstuck, and oddly we didn't care because we were so tired.

Miranda Kerr bares it all for Pirelli calendar photo-shoot

After appearing nude for a campaign addressing plight of koalas recently, Miranda Kerr has stripped once again – this time for photographs of next year’s Pirelli Calendar.
The pictures, which were shot in Brazil, have become a sensation on the Internet in no time, News.com.au reported.
The snaps on the web are lifted from the latest edition of Italian Vanity Fair magazine, the Sunday Telegraph reports.

Australian models Abbey Lee Kershaw and Catherine McNeil are also in the frame.
The photographer is American Terry Richardson, who is famous for overtly sexual work.
Kathy Ward, of Chic Management – the trio’s Australian agency, said: ‘It’s interesting that the photos have come out.

‘Usually there’s such tight security surrounding Pirelli that no images are revealed before the launch of the calendar.’
The Pirelli Calendar is a high-class affair, and is given to limited number of customers, clients and celebrities as a corporate gift.

Whatever Works (2009) Hollywood

A Woody Allen movie about a neurotic, older Jewish guy who falls for a younger, cheerier gentile girl in a New York City bubble of wealth and privileged bohemia? No, you're not in a time warp: Whatever Works is a new project from the creator of Annie Hall and Manhattan, 1970s classics about kvetchy/funny Semitic gentlemen and their sunny/literal-minded shiksas. Here, Larry David (master of his Curb Your Enthusiasm domain) plays a self-absorbed griper named Boris Yellnikoff, with the emphasis on yell. Boris is a pessimist from the universe-is-expanding school of despair, a lifelong miserablist who, screwing up a decent marriage to an attractive, wealthy woman (Carolyn McCormick), can't even commit suicide quietly. After surviving his attempt, he meets a fresh-faced Southern runaway named Melody (plucky Evan Rachel Wood, a beauty comfortable playing opposite beastly characters after The Wrestler), then grudgingly takes her in off the street and belittles her as a prelude to marriage. Don't go thinking about the filmmaker's relationship to the current Mrs. Allen, Soon-Yi Previn; this mess isn't quite that baroque. When Melody's estranged parents (Patricia Clarkson, saving the day as usual, and Ed Begley Jr.) come to fetch their daughter, they, too, get absorbed into a magical
 Manhattan world of sexual Anything Goes.

The fact that Allen wrote the script in the '70s explains something about why his newest movie feels so old. But still, the guy couldn't maybe come up with some new spritz of nu? Once again, the main character/Woody stand-in complains directly to the movie audience. Once again, a pretty young woman gives it up to a saggy homunculus. Once again, Allen occupies a hermetic notion of New York City rather than a reality. And even the novelty of casting a distinctive neurotic comedian as the lead backfires in a movie made by the president emeritus of the neurotic-comedians union. As Boris spits out stale monologues about the inconvenience of living in a world of idiots (and trots out that other old chestnut, about how most ills can be solved by watching Fred Astaire movies), Allen's passive aggression hardens into something bitter when spoken with David's aggressive aggression. Meanwhile, you can just about hear the tired director saying, ''Okay, this works. Whatever.'' C